3 Essentials For Travel With Kids

Travelling with young children can be hard work, tiring and difficult at times, however it is absolutely worth it for the memories you will be able to make with your little one. Seeing and exploring new places and cultures can really help mould your children into confident and inquisitive adults, so although it can be tough, making the effort to travel with them is definitely worth it.

Here are 3 essentials that every parent needs when travelling with kids to make your life easier and to keep them happy!

Portable Changing Mat

Any parent will know there is nothing worse than having a screaming baby who needs a nappy change without anywhere to do it. Sometimes it is hard enough trying to find a place to change your baby when you know the area, let alone being somewhere completely new! So, taking a portable changing mat with you on your trip is essential.

You can buy really comfortable, waterproof changing mats that fold up into a really small pouch, taking up barely any space in your bag. This way, you always have a backup option if you are really struggling to find somewhere to change them. Simply take the mat out and unfold it, change your baby, give it a quick wipe and it is good to go when you next need it!

Good Quality Baby Changing Bag

Your next must is a good quality baby changing bag. By good quality we mean something that is sturdy, fits lots in and is well organised. The last thing you want is a strap breaking on you, having to leave something out of the bag due to a lack of room or having to rummage through the bag to find what you are looking for.

On holiday you want to look good, so opt for a designer baby changing bag. This will last for years and years, most expensive bags are fantastic quality and it will look great! Normal baby changing bags are often not the best looking, so this is the perfect compromise between practicality and style.

Their Own Carry On-Bag

Finally, make sure that your little one has their own carry-on bag. As long as your child is over 3, you should get them a pull along suitcase that they can sit on the back of. All of the waiting around involved at airports can be really testing for a little one who just wants to explore and have fun, so giving them their own carry on-bag will give them a sense of responsibility and it is also a great place to store their toys.

The pull along suitcases are great because it will keep them occupied and it is much easier to pull little ones along than carry them all the way through the airport. This is designed for slightly older toddlers, as they are likely to want to help and pull it along, saving you a job! Plus, it will free up some valuable space in your own carry on.

Final Thoughts

Travelling with kids can be a challenge, so hopefully these three essentials will make life easier and help you to enjoy your holiday!

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