3 Reasons To Consider An Emerald Engagement Ring

Many people want to opt for a unique engagement ring. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by choosing a colourful gemstone. Traditionally, diamonds are selected for engagement rings, however emeralds are a beautiful alternative that is ideal if your partner likes unique jewellery. Here are three reasons you should consider an emerald engagement ring!

They Are Meaningful

Emerald’s are extremely meaningful stones that can help you to portray your feelings to your loved one. They are known as a token of luck, peace and longevity, all of which are of course things you would want for your marriage. Even if you are not spiritual, choosing an emerald ring shows that you have put thought into your choice which will be appreciated by your partner.

They Are Durable

Emeralds are very durable, as they are 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, out of 10. This makes them durable for everyday wear and they can also be quite scratch resistant. Of course you want your partner to be able to wear the ring everyday, so choosing a ring that is considered as excellent when it comes to durability is important.

Sapphires and rubies are also good choices for colourful engagement rings when it comes to durability. With any engagement ring, you should avoid wearing it when cleaning, showering, sleeping or swimming. You should also avoid wearing it when you apply creams or are using any chemicals. Although these stones are very durable, doing everything you can to protect them is of course advised, especially if you opt for a vintage engagement ring!

They Are Rarer Than Diamonds

Another reason to choose an emerald engagement ring is that emeralds are rarer stones than diamonds. Natural emeralds are actually 20 times rarer than diamonds, making them a very popular choice if you want something a bit different. Due to this, emeralds can be more expensive than diamonds, however of course this will depend on the size and quality, so there are options for any budget.

Gemstones can now be made in laboratories, including emeralds, so be careful that you aren’t purchasing a lab-created emerald if you are looking for a natural one. One of the easiest ways to establish whether it is real is to go to a certified jeweller, preferably a vintage jeweller, as older rings are more likely to contain real emeralds. Don’t be afraid to ask for certification or to take someone with you for a second opinion, as this is a big purchase so you want to make sure you get it right.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy a unique engagement ring, then look at emeralds. They are durable, meaningful and rarer than diamonds, making them a perfect choice for your loved one. Go to a certified jeweller to make sure that you are accessing the best possible quality, so your partner can enjoy it for the rest of their lives!

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