3 Ways to Kill Time Online When Traveling

Whenever you travel for business or vacation, you will most likely find yourself with some extra time to spare. In the evenings you will have time to yourself in the hotel room and you will need to relax your mind by finding something interesting to do online.

Traveling can be so much fun. But without ideas on pastime activities, one day can seem like an eternity. This is especially so when you’re traveling all by yourself.  With the right activities to keep you occupied, your days will be livelier and more exciting.

Here are some tips on how to kill time online when traveling:


Watch sports in your hotel room

Streaming sports on your laptop is one way to kill time online. However, instead of propping up your laptop in bed, it would be so much nicer and comfortable to stream on the hotel’s big television. This is if you’re lucky to be in a hotel that offers a smart TV.

Pick your favorite sport and enjoy keeping track of your favorite team. If you’re a fan of football, watch World Cup soccer online live. Watching a hot game in your hotel room will be the best way to kill those ninety minutes. Spend that downtime enjoying a great game! It’s good for the mind. It will relax you down without using any energy.


Read EBooks or Comics

If you love to read, then this is a great way for you to kill time online as you travel. EBooks and comics can keep you occupied for hours. All you need to do is just pick your favorite in whatever genre you enjoy and start reading. Reading does not only work to keep you entertained but it also keeps your grammar in check and improves your creativity. Exercise your brain by filling out crosswords and puzzles.

There are several sites where you can get free access to comics online where you can read comics from Marvel, DC, and Vertigo without paying. You can also get a handful of eBooks for download freely on various websites. The eBooks are available in a wide range of genres from classical antiquity to modern-day genre fiction. The good thing about comics and eBooks is that you can carry hundreds of them with you wherever you go.




Listen to music podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a strange yet wonderful form of entertainment. For those who are not already listening to podcasts, you have no idea what you’re missing. Also, it’s not too late to start so pick your preferred podcast and start listening. Podcasts are majorly for entertainment; most play music which can be very soothing. This music will keep you distracted from any background noise (get some headphones to enjoy your music to the fullest) and will work miracles putting you to sleep if you are insomniac.

There are podcasts that also spark personal growth e.g. financial podcasts. They will give you tips on how to save more and spend less, get out of debt. Other podcasts on productivity will teach you how to better yourself by giving tips on time management, self­control, and discipline.

The best thing about podcast apps is that they can be downloaded for offline listening.



In this day and age, it is unacceptable to be bored. The internet has so much content that it is almost impossible to not find something interesting to keep you occupied. There are thousands of ways to kill time on the internet; some being more productive than others.

When you are traveling, it is always advisable to bring along your own streaming device just in case the hotel you will be staying in does not have the content that you need. It’s so easy to get your own content on the hotel’s TV. The most important thing is that you have an internet connection. You can either bring the same devices that you use at home for connectivity or you can buy some inexpensive ones dedicated for travel.



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