5 very important fashion accessories for fashion lovers

“Beauty is skin deep” says an old adage. How many of us truly believe in it? Probably the number is too small to even mention. Let’s face it, we all want to look good and would want to be seen with a partner who is good looking. A few of us are lucky enough that they are blessed with good skin and good physique; while the majority of people need to work really hard to build that perfect a look.

Fashion and its definition differ from person to person. For a few, it is being comfortable in one’s own skin, while for others it is all about following the latest trends. Looking good is more of a necessity and sometimes just putting a nice ensemble is enough. Fashion accessories have been giving “those” desired finishing touches for years now.

Here is a list of 6 important fashion accessories without which no fashion lover would want to step out of home.

A)   Glares: Whether you are battling the ruthless sun or playing hide and seek with Paparazzi, in either of the scenarios glares/eye-wear or simply goggles will always help you.  You can find glares in all possible size and shapes, where oversized ones being this season’s hot favourite.  Choose one that goes well with your outfit and face type and hide flaws like unruly brows, dark circles or party eyes, instantly behind them.

B)   Watches: Watches are one of the most important fashion accessories, something you can confirm by checking prices on brands like Rado, Swatch or Omega.  The cost of one such branded watch could be equal to somebody’s per annum income. Watches are a useful fashion accessory for both men and women; choose one carefully to complete your look.

Bags: Handbags, Tote bags, Wallet, Purse, duffel bag, laptop bag , bucket bag, clutch, hobo etc. phew! We could really run out of page and ink if we mention all types of bags that you could buy and carry with yourself as a fashion accessory. They are not only useful to contain a few vital things, but are also a huge fashion statement. You could really jazz up a dull dress with a quirky handbag. If you eat, smell and breathe brands, you wouldn’t be disappointed as there are many brands who have already ventured into this business. Know more http://www.hidesinshape.com/


C)   Footwear: What is that one thing women can’t say, NO to?  They might have their shoe rack full of sandal, pumps, flip flops, boots or ballerina shoes, but saying No to buying shoes, is a cardinal sin. And why not, most beautiful assemble of the dress fall flat, if not worn with an appropriate footwear.  With so many options to choose from you could choose one that suits you the best.

D)   Scarves: Imagine you are up for a very important meeting and suddenly spill some coffee on your shirt or maybe you are at the beach and feel shy to don that bikini. In both these scenes one fashion accessory that can save you from embarrassment is “Scarf”. You would probably exhaust learning number of ways you can wear a scarf. But this fashion accessory is cost effective and lifesaver in many cases.

E)    Exotic leather belts – Whether you dress in silk, linen or chiffon – leather belt definitely amps up your wow factor. People often associate leather belts with colors like black and brown. However, with exotic leather belts break that mould completely. I say, this summer try pink, neon green leather belts and complete your summer wardrobe.

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