A Guide to Proper Fitting for a Dress Suit

A well-dressed man always gives a good impression. It doesn’t matter whether he’s wearing a casual shirt and khaki trousers, or an exquisitely tailored three-piece suit. But there is one thing that gives an even greater impression: confidence.

It goes without saying that if you are confident in what you are wearing, you will be seen in a better light. But in this regard, confidence also equates to comfort. Imagine if you are wearing an outfit or designer menswear that is undoubtedly expensive, but exceedingly uncomfortable – you would look ill at ease and awkward, and the effect is ruined.

Thackerays.co.uk is one shop that understands the importance of comfort even whilst you’re wearing a nice dress suit. With this, we have come up with a guide to proper fitting for your dress suit.

Comfort equates to a proper fit

Comfort is the first aspect that you should be looking for when you are shopping for a dress suit. With this comes the proper fit for trousers. Look for a shirt that is not too tight. Your trousers should fit well at your natural waistline (and not above or below it), unless you have a bit of a belly. If you have a bigger stomach, try looking for trousers that are designed with a high rise rather than opting for a lower-rising waistband.

Fitting for trousers

When fitting for trousers, the bottoms should be touching the upper part of your shoes. The typical length should brush the top edge of your shoes’ soles at the back and offer a minor break in front. If you are shorter than average, do not choose trousers that have cuffs.

Fitting for jackets

When you fit for a jacket, keep in mind that the arms should hang loosely at the sides, and the buttons should rest lightly on your stomach without any bumps or lumps. Your jacket’s lapels should also lie flat, and your biceps should not break the sleeve’s drape from your shoulder. Remember also that your shirt should be tighter than your jacket or suit; otherwise, you would not have smooth, clean lines.

When you are wearing the entire suit, make sure you walk around in it. Assess how it feels on your body. Try to sit down, bend, or walk with the suit on. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these things, then you might want to take a look at a different suit.

The basic premise is to have a suit that hangs well on your figure, and not a suit that fits too tightly or gives the impression that it will suddenly snap open if you sit down. Go with your natural figure and do not ever buy a suit that is too tight (or too loose, for that matter). Once you are comfortable with your clothes, it will show – and other people that you meet or do business with will automatically have a better impression of who you are as a person.


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