Always Look Your Best: How to Dress Your Body Type

Always Look Your Best How to Dress Your Body Type

We all want to look our very best at all times, and while there are many ways to improve our looks with makeup and hair styles, there is only so much we can change about our body type. You may be tall, short or anywhere in between, and these characteristics are dictated by genetics, so there really is nothing you can do about your height. If your bone structure is large, you may have a tendency to weigh more than other people in your height range who have a lighter bone structure. All these factors combine to make up your particular body type, and learning to dress as a compliment to your size and shape is an important part of looking your best.

Men vs. Women

Although people of both genders have an interest in looking good, it is women who have the most choices in style, type and color when it comes to clothing. Men only need to consider whether they will dress casual or in business attire, and if the fabric is suited for warm or cold weather. Men should also choose darker colors on the lower half of their body if they tend to be overweight. On the other hand, women must choose between dresses or skirts of lengths varying between thigh-high and floor length. The color of their clothing may range between dark solids and bright colored prints or graphics.

Dress for the Occasion

There are a few basic rules women should follow when dressing their body type. Career women especially need to look well-dressed and professional in order to be considered for promotions within their field. A relatively tall and slender woman has many choices in clothing styles, and she can wear nearly anything she wishes that is appropriate for her destination and activity. A woman who is average in her stature and build also has many choices of clothing styles and looks attractive in dresses or pants of any current style.

Find the Right Fit

Women who tend to be somewhat overweight face more challenges than others in dressing their body type. Generally, classic and tailored clothing using fabric with shape-retaining body effectively skims over unattractive bulges. Women with this body type should avoid clingy or shape hugging tops, and choose pants and skirts with good structure and correct fit. They should also avoid hemlines above the knee in either skirts or dresses. Comfortable walking shorts that are not too tight paired with a lightweight blouse worn open over a sleeveless tank are a good choice for warm weather.

Author Bio: Annabelle is a freelance blogger that writes about health, beauty and family. At the moment she is promoting dieting with meal portioning to help get the body you want.

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