Choose any to look gorgeous- Innumerable Jewellery designs available in market

There are innumerable things available in the market today that are responsible for governing the minds of modern women. Out of them, the place of jewelry has been grabbing the first position from ages. Of course the options of buying them vary from being highly priced to be very affordable things, but at last, all depends upon the quality of the material, the gem stone used and the efforts put. The best part about Indian traditional jewellery or even modern Indian jewellery designs is that they are multi-functional. The modern designs are a mixture of traditional richness and modern technology, making it more desirable than ever. Jewellery is in its full form at the moment, and we need not say that even the metro-sexual man is not drifting away from the sheen of the jewellery. Let’s see how many kinds of things have changed places in designing terms, with the old jewelery.

Earrings Designs

If we start with the quintessential earrings, earrings is the kind of jewellery that any women can be noticed wearing. Irrespective of one’s economical background, if a girl sports a beautiful earring, she might give you an idea of descending from a millionaire family. The kind of earrings liked by women today are- hoops earring, fashion earrings, drops earrings, stud earrings, etc. These earrings in fashion as well as are beautifully hand-crafted designs by talented designers who specialize in the art.


Pendant Designs

The next set of jewellery, which gives an entirely different angle to the appearance are pendants. A pendant is a small piece of jewellery that is essential to the whole get up of any girl while dressing-up or dressing-down. Wearing a small pendant can make such a big difference to one’s whole look that it immediately becomes the most important thing to have. Pendants have come a long way in terms of designs. Let’s see what designs of pendants that we saw a couple of decades ago, and that we see today. Earlier, pendants came like a blob of metal and that used to be it. Next, they were enhanced to be including some really big gemstones. The pendants that we come across today have come off-age, as the designs range from being delicate small ones to risqué big chunky ones. Well, when everything is meant to change then why not pendants? If we draw some attention, we’ll see that some pendant styles that are in vogue today are hearts pendant, religious pendant, initials pendant, office wear pendant, single stone pendant, multistone pendant and sophisticated cute and affordable pendants under 10k. The beauty of buying jewelery today is the availability of the online jewellery stores, which makes you see thousands of designs and be inspired by each of them.


Ring Designs

After the mention of the two most important personality changers in jewelery, let’s explore what else is strong enough to hold a woman’s heart. The jewelery which has this sort of appeal is a ‘ring’. A girl or a woman of any age, drools upon this particular jewellery like none other. It is the only piece of metal that has made a significant place in the emotional palace inside a woman’s heart. Various old ring designs still have the charm to entice anybody who wishes to buy something for that ‘everlasting impact’. But now, when we say deigns, we are meaning pattern, for instance, bands are the sign of marital commitment. Similarly, engagement rings, three stone rings, mens rings, single rings, clusters ring, etc. all hold equal significance in-spite of their being traditionally styled.

Bangle Designs

Coming to the jewellery that is worn adjacent to the rings- bangles, are the most revered jewellery around a woman’s wrist. The thing that makes a women’s hand feminine is after-all a bangle. The different designs of bangles that are famously worn include the classic bangle, the special occasion bangle, cluster bangle, and of course the office wear bangle. The shapes of bangles that are worn today have come from being plain round bangles to oval bangles and such. To add, the most important thing about bangles is that they serve the sign of matrimony too in Indian women, whereas in western-wear, they serve as delicate bracelets.


Mangalsutra Designs

Coming to the next, probably the most important kind of jewellery, the Mangalsutra. Indian Mangalsutra designs are such that they are appreciated by women all-round the world. It is the most important jewelery piece that an Indian woman bound in holy matrimony should wear. Their designs in the jewellery designs market too have changed faces, from being the giddily designed mangalsutras, to be stylish necklaces of today. The mangalsutras have seen a much substantial change in terms of design undoubtedly. The styles that are prevalent today are the special occasion mangalsutras and the fusion mangalsutras that best serve the purpose of showing-off. The everyday wear mangalsutra and the cluster mangalsutra are elegant and alluring at the same time.

Then comes the most exquisite thing of all the jewellery that we talked about above- the Solitaires. Buying solitaires is every girl’s dream, or to be gifted, is probably the ultimate wish on their wish-list. The interesting thing about solitaires is that the trend has been going on since ages, big rocks adorned the likes of queen and bandits alike. They used to be the ultimate show-off metal to own, and that is the case today too. A woman with a solitaire has either a very good husband or is the boss of her own, said somebody. The meaning and significance of each and every jewelery piece discussed may be different, but ultimately they allure women even if the prices are soaring or are getting out of hand.

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