Excellent Gifts for that new Bundle of Joy

The entrance of new babies into this world is mostly welcomed by taking presents to the new parents. Gifts vary depending on what one can afford. Some of the most common gifts for babies are diapers, clothing, milk formula, nappy bags, baby lotions and soaps, wipes, play mats and baby cots. Family, friends or colleagues known to one another in many cases will discuss and come up with a list of items starting with most urgent to what will be needed later. Each person decides on what to buy and this is a great idea as duplication of gifts is avoided.

Purchases are usually made without ever thinking about the scientific implications of a product. Little or no time is taken to gather facts or studies on baby products. Baby cosmetics are advertised often in the media declaring how safe they are for use on the little being. Yet countless mothers will almost swear that they opt for the mildest lotion or soap for their babies. Some of the highly showcased cosmetics result in a rash on the delicately soft skin, sometimes accompanied by an itch. There have been cases where the young ones have been taken to a doctor after a serious reaction occurred. As a mum, I would recommend you create your own contingency gift hamper that contains very simple cosmetics without smell and most likely without any fancy package. Explain this to the new mum who may give you an astonishing look but do it any way and hope they will understand later what you meant.

The problematic eczema is a condition that is experienced by many babies who might acquire it right after birth. Natural organic products are a good buy for to prevent this condition that could occur naturally or precipitated by a certain baby cosmetic product. With their bodies still developing, they might not be able to cope with cosmetics quite strong for them despite the ingredients being very mild.

Organic baby clothing is another excellent buy for the little ones providing that cuddle soft feel for a delicate skin. Such clothing is very different from those that are made from synthetics that could rub on the skin causing discomfort and probably scratches. Organic foods that do not have any food additives in them provide a more nutritious meal. The only set back with organic products is the expensive price tags placed on them.

A practical new born baby gift that’s usually forgotten is a first aid box. If you are giving such a gift ensure that it has a thermometer for those days when a mum suspects her baby could be having a fever. Oils for rubbing the little one when it’s cold should be included. Never forget to add colic medication to counter act that gas filled in the little abdomen.

The popular formula milk is a convenient feed when mother is away at work or has to attend to some errand. Instant formula is believed to contain nutritive ingredients that will assist the healthy growth of a baby. However some breastfeeding counselors with National Childbirth Trust will tell you that the ingredients for these formulas are not exactly known. Only the manufacturers know what’s in them. Deaths have been reported attributed to these milk formulas.

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