Fashion jewelry made of silver and gold

jewlery designsJewelry at all times serve the public’s attention (for that they, in fact, are). In the past, the size of shock and more diamonds, but now others can surprise unconventional design.


For those who make fashion jewelry with their own hands, it is desirable not only to listen to the advice of people who know the nuances of fashion, but also to your inner voice: After the fashion is not theft.


One of the first who tried to unite the decorations incongruous materials was Coco Channel. She quietly experimented with diamonds, emeralds and worthless colored glass, creating stunning designs of them. For it was above all important, and the effect produced by the unusual color combinations of jewelry.


Speaking about modern jewelry design, it was always something apart. Today it is a symbiosis of the best traditions of classical jewelry and what we inherited from the Soviet Union – a rather featureless, obsolete for many years model.


Now there are more jewelry designer whose products are on their originality can compete with the products of the world’s leading jewelers. In rapidly changing world versatility in design is one of the requirements for the jewelry.


It is true versatile jewelry accessible for those, whom the question of price is secondary. Over the last few years in the world of jewelry fashion reigned white – silver, white gold and platinum. Today, white metal slowly started to take their positions, giving way to a more usual yellow gold.


But this does not mean that the jewelry in platinum and silver have become obsolete. However, with the silver formed jewelry there is a special situation, because the metal has a feature to darken over time. To avoid such troubles, made ​​of silver coated with rhodium, giving decoration glossy shine and protect against the effects of time.


Top jewelry brands are producing women’s fashion jewelry which is most trendy. This company produces extremely showy necklaces, rings and bracelets made in silver. These jewels are so self-sufficient, which is beneficial to look even the most low-key dress.


Companies specializing in the production of crystal products, – Baccarat – apart from its core activities are now offering their customers and buyer decorations interspersed with gold.


Universal black necklace will come to together almost any color except, of course, the pastel-colored clothes. Necklaces can be made ​​of metal, stone, glass, textiles and plastics. It is often used in necklaces, natural stones and minerals blacks, such as Jet, onyx, agate, tourmaline, obsidian, lava and black pearls. Pay attention to the style necklaces are popular as modern geometric shapes and vintage necklace, as well as necklaces in ethnic style. We have found the most fashionable monogram necklace this year.


Language does not turn to call these jewelry items, so these jewelry exquisite and elegant.

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