Fashion trends for 2019

With Christmas and the silly season fast approaching, our thoughts start to turn towards gifts for loved ones, and maybe a couple of treats for ourselves too. Whether you receive gift vouchers for your favorite clothing store or want to purchase something useful for your friends and family, buying some trendy fashion pieces that will serve well in the upcoming year is a no-brainer. Here are some of the most interesting and exciting fashion trend predictions for 2019, for work and for play, that will place you well ahead of the fashion curve!


It’s all about layers and easywear

There’s a decidedly relaxed fashion sense emanating from the big fashion houses at the moment, and it’s a trend that will delight anyone who’s into easy to wear, easy to throw on or take off, and super comfortable clothing. From ‘safety blankets’ to layers upon layers upon layers, oversized knitwear and roomy jackets, there’s nothing stiff and starchy about the fashion we’ll see in 2019.


Men – Sage is the color of 2019

While greens of all hues have been cropping up on the runways, the most easily wearable shade for ‘normal’ human males is definitely sage. From sportswear and athletic pieces to smart two-piece suits and business casual attire, this is the color you should be buying in if you want to get ahead of the trend for next year.


Ladies work wear – long and lean

Flowing skirts that drop all the way to the ankle, scarves that fall well below the waist and ultra-modest necklines are all contributing towards this upcoming trend for 2019. Outfits that drape beautifully, flow as you move and cover a lot of skin are definitely in, and make for a long, lean silhouette that will flatter a variety of shapes and sizes.


Whether your region is heading into fall or spring at the moment, choose this kind of style in a suitable fabric to get the look without sacrificing comfort. Broad shoulders are also making a comeback, so it seems the ‘statuesque’ look will be a defining feature of the 2019 fashion year.


Men’s work wear – oversized and double-breasted

It’s an exciting time for menswear, even in the business wear realm where change isn’t always as rapid as we’d like it to be. When it comes to snazzy corporate wear, exaggerated double-breasted suits that look great worn open aren’t just the in thing; they’re a lot more comfortable than the tight and tailored look we saw just a few years ago.


Fuller trousers, oversized shirts and jackets are all coming into vogue for next season, as is the incorporation of sportier looking pieces, tech and performance wear. Bold colors and graphic prints definitely don’t seem to be going anywhere either, so if you’ve been enjoying this trend then it’s full steam ahead for 2019.


Ladies – fringes and ruffles

Ladies wear is definitely swinging back towards the more romantic look for 2019. Match a subtle ruffled top with a simple skirt for daywear, splurge on a fringed handbag or two, and look for boots or sandals that make a nod to the trend.


Men – bold prints and clashing patterns

While they’re definitely more suitable for the younger guys out there (not that the more mature gents can’t take inspiration) bright, bold, clashing prints and patterns are sure to get you noticed. Fashion giants like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Donatella are all over this trend, so if you’re looking to make waves next year then this is the trend to jump on.


Ladies – Cape sleeves and Glamleisure suits

While full capes have been making a big splash on the runways, there’s a very easy way to incorporate this trend into your everyday clothing with cape sleeves. Ultra feminine and adding a touch of whimsy and romance to any outfit, you can take advantage of cape sleeves to get on board without having to go the whole way and looking like you moonlight as a superhero! Cape sleeves were a huge hit at many of the recent New York Fashion Week shows, so you can rest assured they’ll be gracing the streets big time in the upcoming year.


And going along with the trend in comfy clothing, glammed up tracksuits and sweatsuits nicknamed ‘glam leisure’ suits in a variety of fabrics from velvet, patterned, matte and even shiny materials are all the rage too. Combining sweet with sporty, these are a great weekend look, or you can smarten it up by wearing the pants tucked into knee-high boots – and you’ll be all set to take the 2019 fashion year by storm!












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