Giving your bedroom a chic look

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so our bedroom should be a warm and welcoming space. If your bedroom could use an upgrade, consider these tips to help you create a room worthy of sweet dreams.

Like any home improvement project, the scope of your bedroom update will depend on your budget. Splurging on new furniture is the most dramatic way to give your room a new look, but simple changes like new bed linen or a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference without breaking the bank.

Start small

First, give your bedroom a good clean. Put clothes away in wardrobes and drawers, get rid of paperwork and other trash, dust surfaces, vacuum or sweep the floor, and return stray household items to their proper rooms.

Now, take a good look at your bed. When was the last time you purchased a new comforter or a quality set of sheets? You can’t sleep if you’re not comfortable, so bed linens are a great place to start. Replace old blankets and quilts with a luxurious down comforter or a new duvet. Bright white is a clean, classic look and gives you lots of freedom to use accessories for a pop of color. Choose new sheets with a high thread count and if your pillows are looking a bit worn, consider investing in new ones. Colorful throw pillows can add interest to your bedding; combine different textures and styles for a modern look.

Accessories are another cheap and easy way to update your bedroom on a budget. New bedside lamps or lampshades, curtains, and throw rugs can all create instant impact. Arrange trinkets, photos, and artwork thoughtfully, using what you already have in different ways or by incorporating some new pieces. Fresh flowers or small houseplants can help transform your space into a tranquil oasis.

The next step

If you’re ready for a bigger change, think about your bedroom walls, windows, and flooring.

A fresh coat of paint will instantly take your room to the next level. Neutral colors in soft tones are soothing, and will help make your bedroom a relaxing space. Add an accent wall for a modern touch, using a contrasting paint color, a fun wallpaper design, or a trendy wall treatment like shiplap or reclaimed lumber.

Don’t ignore your bedroom floors, either. Whether you prefer carpets or hardwood, the flooring in your room helps set the tone for the entire space. Replace dingy old carpets with new or invest in a professional deep cleaning. Installing hardwood or laminate floors can give a room a more polished look, and there are plenty of options for all budgets. If existing hardwood floors are looking scratched and scuffed, give them new life with professional refinishing.

Bedroom window dressings are more than just curtains. In addition to decorative drapes that look nice, think about practical window treatments that can help keep your room darker longer, ensuring you get an excellent night’s sleep. Blinds, shades, and room darkening curtains are all good options, but they’re not always attractive. Window shutters are a great alternative because they can block out light when required and offer privacy, and they look beautiful on your windows. Window shutters come in a range of styles and colors, suitable for just about any bedroom renovation.

The ultimate update

New bedroom furniture is a considerable investment, but is sure to have the most impact.

Carefully measure your bedroom. Take into account any odd features like sloped ceilings or arched doorways. Choose pieces that fit the scale of your room—a four-poster or canopy bed for high ceilings or a low bench with storage for a wide window, for example.

Be sure that the furniture you select is functional. An antique armoire might look spectacular, but if you can’t fit any of your clothes in it, then it’s just taking up space. Look for furniture that suits both your style and your practical needs.


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So, go ahead; create the space of your dreams. Whether you opt for a few simple updates or a full-on bedroom renovation, you deserve to sleep in a bedroom you love.

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