How to Choose the Best Wigs – High-Quality Matters

The reasons for wearing a wig vary, it could be that you are suffering from hair loss due to a medical issue and do not feeling comfortable with your lack of locks. Or perhaps you want to change your look (or try out a new one) without resorting to a drastic cut or colour and then regretting the long-term results. Whatever the reasons you will want your wig to look as natural and realistic as possible. With so many hairpieces available on the market how do you sort the best wigs from their poor relations (check out the best wigs in Surrey here!)? Follow our guide on how to spot a high-quality wig and feel confident that you look stunning wearing your artificial tresses.

Looking Good

A high-quality wig will enhance your features and match your skin tone. It will look as natural as the real thing (and even better in some cases). Your own hair may be problematic, this could be due to a medical condition such as alopecia or if you have been receiving treatment for a condition such as cancer. Some people are more comfortable with hair loss than others, either way you will want your wig to look convincing. If you have curls you will want them to be full and bouncy (rather than resembling lank cat’s tails). Wigs should have a healthy sheen and resemble a healthy head of hair (with a genuine looking colour). A great wig looks very authentic.

Feeling Great

You might look good in your wig but how comfortable is it to wear and does it feel realistic to the touch? A poor-quality synthetic wig will feel inflexible and won’t feel as soft and bouncy as natural human hair. A high-quality wig will feel pliable and just like real hair. Your hairpiece shouldn’t feel heavy on your head, or irritate you. It should sit well and feel comfortable and secure.

Staying Power

As well as feeling and looking like a human head of hair, a good wig will stand the test of time. You do need to take care of it, but a high-quality wig will be able to be moved around and you should be able to treat it as you would your own hair.

Style it Out

You will be able to style a high-quality wig, straighten it, give it a few curls, even crimp it if you like. A poor-quality wig won’t be very malleable and might feel a bit course and not at all easy to handle.

Select the Best Wigs

The price should give you some indication as to the quality of the product. You want to look like a million dollars without spending that much, but at the same time scrimping too much might leave you with an inferior wig, that makes you look less Kate Bush and more dragged through a bush! Take a close up look at the wig you like and feel it too, to make sure it is of a decent quality.


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