How to Design Charming Dog Clothes for Girl Pooches



Nowadays, dressing up your favorite pet dog is a trend. They serve as style and fashion to their masters. There are wide selections of boutiques and even online stores that provide every size of dog clothes. But then, if you want to design a chic and smart look for your female pet, custom made clothes are the best option. You don’t have to be an expert sewer because you can be creative and fashionable by just using ordinary t-shirts shirts or jumpers and basic machine-stitching skills.

Choosing the Right Drapes

Choosing the right kind of drapes depends on the reason why you are designing these clothes in the first place. If you are going to create dog warmer’s clothes for the winter, then you must use a cotton jumper and if just want to create a stylistic female dog look use a normal T-shirt. As you want to make “girly” clothes, use primarily shirts or jumpers of pink, yellow and other vivid colors.

Determining the Right Fit

Cut around the T-shirt or jumper neck with a sharp pair of scissors. Put the T-shirt or jumper on your dog, making sure her front legs go through the sleeves. The coat must cover the dog from the neck to the flank, while the sleeves must cover just the forearms of the dog’s front legs. Draw lines with a marker on the shirt or jumper to determine the position of the flank and the position of the forearm on each leg. Also, grab the shirt from the dog’s back and lift it upwards until the shirt embraces the dog’s pouch. Cut off the fabric extending over the dog’s back with a pair of scissors.

Stitching the Coat

Remove the shirt or jumper from the dog and cut across the flank and forearms marker lines with a pair of scissors. You have to use safety pins to hold together the part covering the dog’s back. Gently wear the coat on the dog again to see if it fits well. If it is too large, repeat the process of lifting the back and cutting the excess fabric, while if it is too small, you will need another shirt. However, if it does fit well, remove the coat from the dog; take away the safety pins and machine stitch the coat’s back.

Designing the Outfit

You can apply fabric glitter glue or liquid pearls on the dog’s coat to create a unique and cute look. You can have designs like dog’s name or shapes like stars. For more covetous styles, you can hand-sew playful 9/16-inch — 16 mm — pompoms on the garment. offers designer dog clothes and dog accessories for pet parents who truly want high style for their fur baby. Our luxury pet boutique products will make your fur baby the envy of the canine fashion world. FunnyFur is by far the best dog clothing website today.


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