How to Make Your Foundation Last

How to Make Your Foundation LastThe foundation that you wear is what helps you put your best face forward. It’s also what you use to cover up pimples, dark circles and anything else on your face that you don’t like. While your face might look fresh and beautiful when you first put it on, does it stay that way for the rest of the day?

Unfortunately, most women find that their foundation doesn’t last as long as they need it to. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make your foundation last all through the day.

1. Apply Primer

If you haven’t yet tried out face primers, you are missing out. These are designed specifically to make your foundation last longer, so why not take advantage of them? These will make your skin feel silky and smooth as soon as you put it on. This means once you apply your foundation it will look nice without having to apply a lot of layers, which is great for your skin.

Primers will help your skin ton look more even from the first second you have them on. They will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which anyone can appreciate. In addition to all of these things, primers will help your foundation stay on your skin no matter what the weather outside is like. Most women find that using primers even saves them money because they don’t have to use as much foundation as they did before.

There are a lot of companies that make primers, so it may take some trial and error before you find the product that is right for you. Some are cheap while others are expensive, so do some research online before choosing a product. Remember that just because a product is over $50 doesn’t mean it’s better than something else. Sometimes the cheap primers work just as well, but this depends on the formula and your skin type.

2. Buy the Right Foundation

The foundation that you use should be made for your skin type. Whether you have oily, combination, normal or dry skin, the products you use should work with that. You will find that your face looks a lot better when you use the right makeup on it.

3. Use Powder

After you apply your primer and foundation, you should put a light powder on your face to settle all of the makeup. There are a lot of powders that are actually clear and made specifically to set makeup and make it last longer. You only need a little bit of this in order for it to be effective, so a tub should last you for a long time. The only thing you may need to invest in is a kabuki brush to apply the powder effectively.

By doing these few things your face will look better than ever and you won’t have to constantly re-apply your foundation. Start by trying out different primers and then find a good foundation before you invest in a powder. Although you will have to invest in a few good products, they should last you for quite some time.

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