How to think your way out of obesity

In some sports, they suggest that 90% of success is due to the mental approach, with 10% due to the physical mechanics. As the title may have suggested, this can actually be the case when it comes to beating obesity as well.

Sure, the very best way to beat obesity is to lower the amount of calories you are consuming, whilst participating in as much exercise as possible. However, as demand for procedures like lap band surgery increases, it appears as though such advice is falling on deaf ears and there is a real weight management problem all over the world.

Therefore, we’ve researched some of the best ways to “think” yourself out of obesity. In other words, what you can do to trick your mind into eating more healthily and generally keeping the pounds down. Here’s how.

Start by setting small goals

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make whilst trying to shed those excess pounds is simply aiming too high. Sure, your overall goal might be to lose 20kg, but realistically this is something that is going to take a reasonable amount of time to achieve.

The problem is, as you’re slogging away dieting, seeing that you have only lost 2kg isn’t really going to whet your appetite (pardon the poor choice of puns) and encourage you to lose further weight.

Instead, you need to set smaller goals that are much easier to achieve. Whether it is losing 2kg a month in a bid to reach a bigger goal in the long-term, or merely cutting out chocolate from your diet – do it bit-by-bit so you don’t get despondent with your results.

Trick your eyes

We’re taught from a young age to finish whatever is on our plate – it’s only polite, after all.

Suffice to say, this is a huge problem for the dieter. It means that more food than necessary is entering the body and adding to that bulging waistline.

Instead of opting for the “clear your plate” approach, instead invest in smaller plates. That way, you’ll achieve “visual satisfaction” by clearing your plate, but without consuming as much food.

It sounds ridiculous – but it’s a proven way to lower calorie intake.

Avoid television whilst eating

On the subject of sounding ridiculous, this next point is barely believable. However, studies have proven that those people who watch television are more likely to overeat. Every single person who participated in the study and ate whilst watching the smalls screen, ate more than the group who weren’t watching.

Are you hungry enough to eat an apple?

We’ve arguably left the most powerful mental trick until the end of this article.

There are plenty of times where you might pop to the refrigerator and look for some food, when really you’re not that hungry.

It’s at these points you need to pose the elusive question; would you eat an apple? If you would, you’re genuinely hungry and are within your rights to have a snack. If you wouldn’t, you’re probably not hungry enough for that snack after all.

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