Ideas for couples to spend a memorable anniversary – Keep it etched in your memory

Do you want to make this year’s anniversary with your better half something special so that this day remains etched in your memory forever? Every couple is different and they have their own ways of celebrating the special day when they took vows to be by the side of each other forever. The most vital thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the plans are in terms with what they both enjoy the most. If it’s your first anniversary, going out for a vacation or having a romantic dinner date or planning a party is something that can be done. But it is true that the best way in which you can create a memorable anniversary is by trying something new and different as a couple. Try to think out of the box. Here are few ideas that you may take into account if you want to spend a memorable anniversary.

Anniversary ideas for a couple at home

  • Spend a good quality evening with no influence of technology, may be just the 2 of you or playing some board game.
  • Make beer or wine together and plan ahead of time to purchase the kit.
  • Try asking each other questions so that you can learn something new on each other.
  • Have breakfasts in bed and spend all day in bed napping and having fun. Make sure your breakfast is followed by champagne and dessert.
  • Play a romantic game with each other.
  • Go out for a scenic hike to the place where you first met.
  • Visit open houses, model homes and sit together to plan your dream home.

Getaway ideas for anniversary

  • Go out for a day trip together to some favorite spot
  • Go out for camping
  • Go out for a scenic drive and stop at a cheese or wine bar
  • Take an overnight backpacking trip
  • Go out for a wine-tasting tour
  • Rent a cabin for weekend which is located in the woods or next to an ocean
  • Take a scenic trip on the train

New experience ideas on your anniversary

  • Go out on a hot air balloon ride
  • Go spelunking
  • Try out sky diving
  • Explore the underwater world and go out scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Drive to the highest spot for getting a brand new view of the world
  • White water rafting is something you can try
  • Visit some nearby festival
  • Take a painting & wine class as they’re easily found these days
  • Spend a day at an amusement park and carry on with each other as teenagers

Apart from doing the above mentioned things which are definitely out of the box, you can even exchange gifts or Irish hampers on Before you buy the best gifts for your beloved, make sure you know what he or she likes so that you don’t have to face any disappointment after exchanging the gifts.

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