Jaw-Dropping Facts About Australia You Never Knew

There is no doubt that Australia is one of the world’s great countries. With such a terrific climate and enviable lifestyle on offer it is no wonder that so many people are interested in finding out more about the idea of living here or just visiting for a trip.

While you probably already know quite a lot about Australia from films and television, there are some amazing facts about the place that you have possibly never heard.

The World’s Second Biggest Greek Population

The vibrant city of Melbourne is a great place to visit and even better to live in. However, many people visit here without realising that there are in the city with the second biggest Greek population in the world.

Only Athens has more Greeks in it than Melbourne. Recent census figures show that a massive amount of Greek Australians live here.

This explains the close connection between Melbourne and Greece, with the Australian city having a Greek precinct with many traditional shops and restaurants in it. There is also a Greek Film Festival held here and a Hellenic Museum.

The massive immigration that Australia has enjoyed has led to huge ex-pat communities like this all over the country. For instance, Chinatown in Sydney is a great place to visit, as is the Little Italy neighbourhood in Melbourne.

The Most Migrants

Carrying on from the last point, Australia is rated as having the biggest percentage of migrant settlers of any developed country. A staggering quarter of all Australians were born in another country, including many of the country’s most famous celebrities and politicians.

Of course, the country has long been a sought after destination for Brits who are keen to try out a new lifestyle on the other side of the planet. This trend shows no sign of ending any time soon, as new migrants now use experts such as The Emigration Group to make an easy move Down Under.

The Roots of Australian Football

If you have ever watched any action from an Australian rules football then you will probably have been impressed by the highly physical, no holds barred nature of the sport. Many people who view this sport immediately assume that it is a mixture of football and ruby, maybe with a connection to Gaelic football thrown in too.

The truth is that it is now believed that the origins of this game can be found in the indigenous game known as Marn Grook. This is a sport that involved up to 50 players at one time and which was all about punting and then catching a ball.

Those travellers who witnessed this game being played say that it appeared not to have any clear rules and was played over a huge area. Similar games were observed being played by different groups of indigenous people around the country but it isn’t completely clear whether this sport existed before European explorers arrived here.

Wider Than the Distance Between London and Moscow

One fact about Australia you might read on the internet is that it is as wide as the distance between London and Moscow. This is an impressive sounding statistic but it is only part of the story.

In fact, Australia is widely regarded as being some 2485 miles (4000 km) wide. The distance between the UK capital and the Russian is only 1559 miles (2509 km).

This means that Australia is actually substantially wider than the distance between London and Moscow. A better comparison would be the huge distance between London and Baku, Azerbaijan.

If you are planning to move here by looking for Australian skilled visas then you have a massive choice of places in which to start your exciting new life.

Plenty of Beaches

If the fantastic Australian beaches are one of the big reasons for coming here then there is some good news for you. It has been calculated that it would take you close to 3 decades to visit them all if you went to just one new beach every single day.

The exact figure was worked out as 27 years, which is clearly a very long time to go beach-hopping. This includes such iconic Australian beaches as Bondi Beach in Sydney, Byron Bay Beach in New South Wales and Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.

The majority of the population Down Under lives next to the country’s long and fascinating coast. This means if you visit Australia then a trip to the beach is almost certainly going to be on your list of top things to do.

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