Making Something Happen for a Good Cause

Come on, admit it; giving something back feels good. Whether you’ve a personal connection to a particular charity, adore the principle of giving, or would simply like to share yourwealth, there’s a good chance you’d like to do more for a good cause this year. In fact, your New Year’s resolution may depend upon you doing a good deed.

For all the stories of greed and corruption you’re likely to come across in the media there are several more messages of hope, love, and understanding.We are, as a species, motivated to seek out the good in others and to help in any way that we can – whether it seems like it or not. Empowered by our connections and relationships, personal investment and a desire to warm others with a generous gift, we have the potential to change the world and to do some incredible things for those in need.

I Want to Get Involved!

A desire to make a difference is one thing, but the act of heading on out there and launching a fundraising revolution is quite another.How will you make a difference today? The great news is that charitable giving has evolved so much during the last ten years or so. From tattered sponsorship forms and a leaflet or two, campaigners are now able to engage the publicvia an array of platforms, ensuring that no one ever feels left out or intimidatedbythe charitable process.

Social media has become a huge outlet for charitable giving, while crowdfunding sites and pages, customised websites, community forums, and phenomena such as the Thunderclap movement have enabled new and established causes to widen their reach and increase donations; there’s very little that we can’tfind out via an app or social media site of some kind. Indeed, it’s never been easier to make your voice heard, or to make a fantastic difference to a charity of your choosing.

Flaunt Your Strengths

Are you a professional when it comes to public speaking, a genius with a computer, or a wizard with words? Perhaps you’re a constant presence on social media and love nothing more than a ‘share’, ‘like’, or ‘invitation’ to appreciate something as much as you do. The easiest way to make something happen for a good cause is to flaunt your strengths; to use your talents to your advantage. What resources do you have available to you? Your strengths will matter the most when you accompany them with research and a firm plan for change.

Champion Your Charity

Realpassion for a cause is infectious. The chances are that members of your family and friendship group had heard of your chosen charity prior to your involvement. However, they might not have taken the time to research its story or fundraising targets until you began to spread the word.You must become a charity champion if you’re to makea real difference.

The armed forces and veterans’ charity Help for Heroes is just one of a number of organisations that continue to benefit from the power of social media and vocal support. Promoting recovery and wellbeing for current and retired members of the armed forces, Help for Heroes has grown in size and stature thanks to its public support and profile. Your own cause could benefit from the same exposure, if you’re prepared to shout loudly enough.

Use Your Imagination

If you really want to make something happen for a good cause you must be prepared to use your imagination. Where can you go that no man, woman, or volunteer has ever gone before? Dedicate a little time each day or every week to raising awareness of your chosen cause, and consider the ways that you could be most useful. Could you volunteer your time in an admin role? Are you likely to jump out of a plane if it means your friends and family members will donate? Would you organise a charity event if it meant even one more person heard about the charity? The sky is the limit when it comes to instigating change for a good cause. How high can you reach?

Capitalise Upon a Moment

Social media is filled with calls to ditch the plastic, which is doing some incredibly positive things for environmental and wildlife charities at the moment. Look out for opportunities that will light the way for your chosen cause, such as a national day, an awareness week, or a local movement. How can you inspire others to research your charity, or support its actions with fundraising events and tangible support? When it comes to supporting charitable causes we like, we doneed to know that our donations and efforts are not only appreciated but are relevant to our society and its future. Considerhow your good cause is relevant to those you’re reaching out to.

Create a community

Create a community of charitable givers; rally the troops; shout from the rooftops and convince those around you that giving really is the greatest thing that we can aspire to do for one another. There are numerous actions and attitudes that will inspire change, but few are as effective as inspiring others to join your altruistic crusade. Smile, and the whole world smiles with you; support a good cause, and you may just start a revolution for positive change.

Your taste for charitable giving will becomeinfectious, as is the feeling of happiness you’ll get each time you rally around a cause or make a donation.Whether you’re rallying the troops, undertaking an incredible fundraising feat, or sharing news and alerts from your favourite charitable cause, the chances are your actions are making waves for the charity you’ve chosen to support this year. While it’s certainly true that we are stronger combined, every moment, every achievement, starts with just one person, or a single idea; after all, doesn’t every wave have to gather momentum before it eventually reaches the shore?

2018 is a year to stand up for what you believe in and to take that step towards making something happen for a good cause. How you achieve your goals is up to you – just make sure you’re doing something you are passionate about this year.


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