Men’s Style Advice for Summer 2016

Summer is upon us, but we don’t know if that means shorts and shades just yet, especially since we’ve just experienced the coldest spring on record since the 60’s. So how are you supposed to build a great, stylish summer wardrobe but still be prepared for any weather? Rest assured, there is a way, and it involves layering and plenty of accessories!

First stage is to empty out your current wardrobe of anything that is worn out, dulled, or damaged, this will give you some extra space for new clothing, and it will encourage you to not fall back on old styles. You can also donate any clothing that you no longer like or suit to charity shops, and take out any extra woolly winter accessories for storage instead. Vacuum packs are a great way to stow away your winter wardrobe without taking up too much space!

Once you’ve had a good clear out you can go shopping – first of all, we recommend getting the basics in some simple, neutral colours (or if you’re feeling adventurous you can go for the current colour trends). Buy shirts, t-shirts, shorts, jeans and socks, but we also recommend a good basic smart blazer, some smart pants in a light fabric suitable for summer weather, and a nice, simple but classic pair of evening shoes.

In terms of accessories there are a few things that will see you right through the sunshine months; a leather satchel is highly practical, as you can use it for the beach, for sports equipment, or even for an overnight stay or whilst you’re travelling. Satchels are highly in fashion now, so adopting this trend early will help you stay ahead of the masses. The other essential men’s accessory is of course the designer watch, because no fashionable man is ever without one – they are the ultimate status symbol, and the perfect complement to any outfit, take a look at the fab collection of Oceandiver watches by 3H Italia for example they are simple but effortlessly stylish. You can either opt for a classic leather, gold, or silver style, or pick a summery design, such as neon plastic.

Many men will wonder how to team a hat with their summer outfit – it’s good for hot days when you want to avoid heatstroke, but the range of hats available to men is quite limited. For summer, invest in a straw trilby hat with a simple black band, as this will go perfectly with shorts and t-shirts. For casual shoes, opt for some slip on canvas shoes – these are ideal for keeping you cool in the sunshine but they’re also great for the beach or the park, and you don’t have to wear socks with them! Canvas sneakers or espadrilles are really comfortable if you’re walking around on your holidays, and they’re also suitable for taking part in sports with your friends.

Keeping to a wardrobe of basics but adding a few exciting accessories is the best way to have a versatile wardrobe for summer, no matter how you end up spending it. Just don’t forget to buy a few lightweight hoodies too, just in case!


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