Touring by motorcycles in South Africa is exciting. Indeed it is refreshing to feel the wind pulling at your leathers and it activates your senses.

Also, if you are searching for a country that offers motorcyclists a thrilling experience slice, then South Africa is just perfect!

Motorcycle tours in South Africa are always exciting; with long smooth roads that let you relax. Also, the tours lead to regional highways that require complete focus, which gets your adrenaline pumping.

Indeed, the Motorcycle tours in South Africa are surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery, whether you are touring off road or on road!

While touring South Africa by a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, there are things you must keep in mind before you begin.

  1. Get the right gear

You never hope to have an accident while touring on a bike, but the accident rates in South Africa is high. Thus, a protective gear is will help protect you from injuries and even death.

Make sure you wear protective clothing that does not restrict movement. However, ensure that is not too loose. Also, get a protective face helmet that suits you perfectly. Do not forget to get a jacket motorcycle gloves and the right boots.

  1. Ride motorcycles that suit you

Motorcycle riders swear by a specific brand or model. Most times, they try to (convince others that they know the best motorcycles. However, every rider has a specific riding style and every motorcycle is different.

In essence, what is a fun and comfortable ride for one rider might be a ordeal for another! Hence, explore different bikes and look for one that suits your skill level.

There are motorcycles that suit long distances, but can’t fit them with a sports tire and go touring as they are not built to go on off-road riding!

There several companies and motorcycle rentals that offer unique motorcycle tours, which accommodate various skill levels. As a result, it doesn’t matter if you stay in South Africa or own a sports motorcycle, you can rent an all-road motorcycle for an adventure tour!

  1. Know your speed limit

South Africa’s speed limits are very generous, but it depends on the riding location. Even though you are touring via a motorcycle or car, every rider takes advantage of this!

So if you’re a motorcyclist, it is both extremely dangerous and harmful. It is great because it let you reach top speed your motorcycle can do.  It is normally fast, even on smaller motorcycles!

On the other hand, if you aren’t familiar with the route, it can be very dangerous. The roads in South Africa are well maintained, but it contains sections that are not motorcycle friendly. It includes potholes, tarred roads, and loose gravel. So while touring, make sure you consider these factors. Your safety is important.

  1. Watch out for traffic offenders

A lot of South African drivers respect traffic laws. Also, they are conscious of motorcyclists. However, there are drivers and riders who seem don’t obey traffic rules. While riding, watch out for these offenders to avoid any accidents.

With these excellent tips, you will have a thrilling ride in exploring the motorcycle tours in South Africa!

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