Popular Fashion Trends for Bedrooms in 2016

Bedroom is a place in your home where you can express your innermost desires. For most of the people, bedroom means a retreat where they can rejuvenate and relax. In other words, bedrooms are places where people retreat to when they are sleepy or feel tired. Bedrooms refresh us and let us have a good sleep. Since bedrooms are the most important part of your home, they need some special treatment.

In this article, we will tell you about some simple tips and tricks which can help you in designing your bedroom. All these tips have been discussed with accordance to the most popular fashion trends for bedrooms in 2013. In this article, we have covered the two most important aspects of a bedroom: Design and Color. Whether we talk about walls or bedroom furniture, design and color always play an important role.




If you are planning to remodel your home in 2013, you can adopt many different ideas to give your bedroom a completely new look. There are a lot of ways to ensure that your bedroom not only looks luxurious, but also portrays your personality and desires.

In 2013, there will be a huge demand for open and spacious bedrooms. In fact, cathedral ceilings are quite popular these days. It is also important to buy some large closets and have bigger master bathrooms. There should be double sinks in the bathroom with cabinets and visually appealing tiles.

Most of the people want easy access to gadgets and equipment like television cabinets and mini refrigerators from their beds. This should be a popular request in 2013. You can choose to turn your bedroom into a complete living area with office desks, gym equipment or a separate sitting area. Moreover, fireplaces and blackout shades will also be popular in 2013.

When we talk about the design of a bedroom, we can not neglect lighting. People have busy lives these days. Therefore, people want something soothing and peaceful. As mentioned earlier, bedroom is a perfect reflection of yourself. Therefore, it is important to choose lighting as per your own preference.



In 2013, we will see two more colors getting quite popular : vampy rose red and jewel tone green. These colors are rich and symbolise opulence and luxury. These colors will be extremely popular in bedrooms in 2013. You can go for clear, cool greens instead of using yellow-based lime, apple greens or pear greens. You will be able to see many darker shades of green in bedrooms in 2013. Not only walls, but also bedroom furniture will be easily available in these shades. Moreover, rose red with burgundy will also give your bedroom a more dramatic look in 2013.

In 2013, people will want calm and soothing color palettes. However, textured wallpapers will be in high demand. An added layer of wallpaper will make your bedroom more personalised and intimate.

If we talk about textiles, there will be a hint of glamour to the whole bedroom. This can be accomplished with mohair, velvet or cashmere. A nice shiny mirror would also be of great help.

There were some of the fashion trends which will be popular in 2013. We hope this article helps you in designing your bedroom and giving it a completely new and exotic look.


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