Summer dress with stress too little too short not cool

Summer dressIntroduction: summer, the heat harder and harder. Relative to other seasons, people should pay attention to health care, but perhaps habit, or subjective act, or misled many people into a summer health care errors.

Summer should heatstroke; however, there are a lot of wrong understandings of heatstroke. Such as dressing, a lot of people that I care health and beauty, think dressed the less as cool as possible, a matter of fact, the summer dress is not the less the more cool.

Not dress less the cooler

Chengdu Second People’s Hospital respiratory physician Chen Hong, the hot weather, many people think that the dress, the less the more transparent, the more cool, but when the temperature is close to or more than 37 ℃, the skin not only can not heat, but from the outside world absorbs heat in the environment. In this sense, when more heat tough men more do not take my shirt off, women do not pass through a short skirt. Sleep at night, better put on your pajamas, not only absorb sweat, but also can prevent the cold. Because human skin temperature is changing, in order to maintain a constant temperature of the body, but the body of the abdomen and chest skin temperature is almost constant. So even if it is hot it difficult to sleep at night, often a lot of people cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea or other gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular system diseases. To avoid “pathogenic wind” into victimized organs.

In addition, in order to wear clothing with health, also want, tights, to facilitate discharge body sweat distributing, change of clothes to be diligent to prevent sweat soaked raw bacteria. Woman wearing tights are not conducive to the discharge of the body sweat distributed, there is conducive to the invasion of bacteria. The hot sun and regulation center of the body to mobilize all the physiological function of sweat cooling diseases such as eczema, rash occurs if the old wear tights. Tight clothes easy no ventilation, resulting in sultry, vulnerable to fungal infection, and cause physical discomfort, such as the vagina, inflammation of the urethra.

Preferred natural fiber clothing material

Judging from the clothing material, cotton, linen, silk and other natural fibers are the best choice for summer clothing. Silk dress good skin-friendly, light weight, thin thickness, summer wear both comfortable and beautiful, but also feel that the whole body cool. Cotton clothes absorb sweat, permeability is good, but the fabric is soft, not stiff. Linen clothes because its molecular structure is loose, light texture, large pores, very well breathable and absorbent. More thin fabric clothes organization, the more sparse, the lighter clothes to wear more cool.

Most people think summer wear white, light-colored clothes will cool from the color of the clothes, and, in fact, white or too light colors will reflect UV, easy to damage the skin. The red most able to absorb ultraviolet sunlight, summer outdoor wear red clothes most sunscreen. Although black is endothermic fastest color, but the heat is also the fastest. Indoor or cloudy days when wearing black clothes, will play it fast heat can quickly drain away the heat of the surface of the skin, and feels cool a lot.

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