The Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining Your Motorhome

If you have recently bought a campervan, then you’re probably wondering how to about the maintenance of the vehicle. However, this is no mean feat. Not only are you looking after a car but also a home. As such, not many new owners know how to go about taking good care of a campervan. Not to worry. We’re going to teach you the ropes in our article today. So, read on to find out all the basics you need to know about maintaining your motorhome.

Regular Servicing

The main way to look after your motorhome is to make sure you are regularly servicing the vehicle. This means that a professional can identify anything wrong with your campervan before it grows into a larger issue. Servicing also means problems that would otherwise go unseen can be addressed. Specialist mechanics will provide you with some great advice, too. So, we recommend looking into motorhome repairs Scotland before anything else.

Damp and Leaks

As you will be showering and using taps in your motorhome, moisture could potentially accumulate in the vehicle. This might lead to things like damp and mould developing in dark corners. So, as you would do in your own home, it’s important to be on the lookout for damp in your campervan. Use bleach to wipe away anything that you might find. It’s also crucial to check for water leaks from the bathroom or kitchen taps. As you have electrical equipment in your campervan, this could be a safety hazard.

Gas and Electricity

It’s equally important to check the gas and electricity appliances within your motorhome. Otherwise, you could be putting you and your travel companions at risk. For instance, if there was a gas leak from your cooker at night, you could inhale toxic fumes. Therefore, RV owners should regularly complete checks on their appliances. This includes ensuring everything is installed properly and hasn’t been knocked out of place during a bumpy ride.

Check the Tires

You’re going to be on the road a lot in your campervan. What’s more, recreational vehicles are heavier than the average car. This means their tires will wear down faster. That’s why we recommend regularly inspecting the condition of the wheels, especially before embarking on a long journey. Some important checks include looking at the tire pressure and tread depth. Be sure to pump them up if they have become deflated.

Deep Cleans

People don’t tend to clean their cars as much as they do their homes. However, this isn’t something you can let slide with your campervan. Otherwise, you will be impacting your actual living conditions. That’s why we recommend regularly giving your motorhome a deep clean. You should do this at least once after every long trip. Don’t forget about the general cleaning, either, such as wiping down the cooker or washing out the shower.

These are the main things you need to do to maintain your motorhome. Regular servicing, consistent cleaning and checking the appliances are the most important steps.

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