The Four C’s of Men’s Diamond Rings

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In today’s era where men are equally concerned about the way they look, diamonds have become a man’s best friend too. Diamonds are mostly gifted to special people for special occasions such as weddings or sometimes merely to express love. While women are known to possess an innate ability to pick out the best wedding diamond rings in a shop, men need to do a bit of study on how to pick the right one. A diamond ring might be sparkling and snazzy but it does not mean that it is the best ring for that price. That is why you need to know the four C’s of wedding diamond rings before you go diamond shopping. Read on to know more about them. Here they are:

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A good cut defines a good diamond. Diamonds are cut with all 58 facets, giving the diamond a smarter and finer finish. Cutting a diamond means shaping it in such a way that the maximum amount of light passes through it. This is the reason why well cut diamonds sparkle more as compared to the ones which are not so well cut. Some diamonds today are machine cut, but the work done by a master cutter is unequaled by any machine. A well cut diamond makes the maximum use of light and reflects your personality in the brightest manner.


Believe it or not, the most natural color of a diamond is yellow. All diamonds have a hint of yellow in them. In fact, diamonds are even graded on the basis of how much yellow color is present in them. There is a scale which is used to grade the color of a diamond. It involves a grading card on which diamonds are kept and evaluated. Once evaluated, they are compared with master stones, which are ideal diamonds in their particular color range. Without master diamonds, distinguishing diamonds with different shades of yellow becomes a very tedious process.


Clarity of a diamond is determined on the basis of how much impurity is inside the diamond. In other words, a diamond’s clarity is actually its purity. Lesser the impurities present, higher the value of that diamond. When a diamond is graded for its clarity, a number of factors are taken into consideration, five to be precise. These factors are nature, position, color, size and number. Among others, a few of the grades used are flawless, internally flawless, slightly included, very slightly included and eve clean.

Clarity graded diamonds are broadly classified into two categories – inclusions and blemishes. While inclusions are largely internal characteristics, blemishes are external ones which are caused due to cutting or wear and tear. Clarity enhancing procedures such as laser drilling and fracture filling are also performed to give a diamond the highest clarity of its potential.


This might well be the most important criteria to pick a good diamond. A carat is basically a unit of measuring weight which equals close to 0.2 grams. It is an internationally accepted unit of diamond measurement. Diamonds come in all shapes, color, sizes and purity levels. However, a diamonds price per carat is proportionate to its size. However, the largest diamond is not necessarily the best one. Some experienced cutters prefer cut over size and go all the way to achieve it.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you will be in a better position to buy your next diamond. The four C’s of diamond rings are all you need to pick the right diamond for your budget.

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Katie runs her very own diamond showroom with her husband in an uptown area. She is a qualified gemologist who knows her products really well and often advises people on wedding diamond rings.


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