The Top Ten Best Dressed Male Celebrities of 2013 So Far

Ryan GoslingMen’s fashion has come a long way in the last century. Recently, it has become absolutely un-ignorable. Check out this year’s best role models for the progression of menswear:

Ryan Gosling:

Mr. Gosling has embraced several concepts appearing on the 2013 runways. He has appeared in neutral and bright color contrasts, stripe patterns, square patterns, and denim. He has worn statement tailored suits and bomber jackets. Right now, Ryan is the definition of fashion among male celebrities. He’s been seen many places wearing skinny jeans with deep V-neck shirts and designer shades. Follow his lead and get your fashion sense noticed.

David Beckham:

It seems Mr. Beckham had a pre-glimpse of 2013 runways when he sported raven black bomber jackets in January. After the first 2013 runways, Beckham embraced several versions of its trendy striped tee’s. Although he’s now retired from soccer, he’s still a symbol for fashion and good looks all over the world, and we don’t think he’s going anywhere soon.

George Clooney:

Embracing the statement tailoring trends of current runways, Mr. Clooney has been photographed in several color blocked suits featuring the hottest low-key colors of the year: shades of black, gray, and brown. The suits are always tailored, so Clooney can’t help but look classy and handsome in his striking yet conservative suits.

Brad Pitt:

While Mr. Pitt has made bold statements by wearing bright-white and ebony black, he has stuck mainly to his dark tendencies of mixing shades of black for less dramatic contrasts. This year, his intuitions are in. Pitt has also been one to make some strange choices on the red carpet, but he still looks good with a mountain man beard in V-neck t-shirts and designer jeans.


Blacks and grays have been mixed on Sting’s conservative suits. Statement stripes have been spotted on him at red carpet events. And of course, he has been able to stick to 2013’s trendy denim fabric for casual events. Sting has a great hair, and this reminds us how important good hair is to a modern and fashionable sense of style.

Jamie Foxx:

Mr. Foxx has embraced dark shade contrasting in suits, but he has also envelope shades of blue and purple that are streaming the runway. he has taken this opportunity to mix wear a grape-purple suit with a turquoise button-up. He’s a great example of how to go modern and look great doing it.

Tom Brady:

Mr. Brady has spun his own version of neutral contrasts. More than once this year, he has worn tans on top of darker colors, reversing the normal order. This has certainly worked and fits well into the 2013 statement-making trend. For a football player, he is definitely at the top of the list for most fashion savvy athletes.

Johny Depp:

Mr. Depp’s black on top of white on top of black effects have put him in good standing under this year’s fashion spotlights. You can tell he’s a fan of fashion from places like Reem clothing. Although his clothes are at times outlandishly different, it fits his style and personality. He’s never gone too over the top. Follow his lead and don’t be afraid to let personality show through.

Tom Ford:

From velvet suits to striped ties, this man has also embraced the 2013 trends. He should. Many of them are his.

Tom Cruise:

This year, Mr. Cruise has been all about dark contrasts in all clothing categories. He is all about shades of black on top of black, except for the time he put purple under it. Both are in and so is he. It’s hard to look bad with a body like his, but no one can deny he does have a great sense of style.

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