Top 5 décor gifts for the next birthday you are attending

Most of the time, birthday gift ideas revolve around picking up a bouquet, watch or chocolates. What people really don’t know is most of them invited for the event start thinking on these lines. Ultimately, all that the host unwraps is something that they have been receiving since years. So, they end up passing it on to one of their functions and the cycle continues.

Décor items open a lot of scope for gifting. Who doesn’t like a decked up place to themselves? So, decorative items are always a great way to wish for birthday gift With enormous options to choose from, one can go through as many ideas and come up with plenty of new gift options with different designs and captivating colors.

  1. Blue pottery organizers: Different is something that catches the eyes. So, these blue pottery trays, dispenser, plates and holders in different colors and designs keep it ethnically rich. The gift is going to talk about the rich décor preferences and will introduce a theme in the interiors to keep it interesting.
  2. A metal plant holder: Garden accessories can never be enough and with so many varieties out there, every new addition is a pretty one is a treat for the eyes. With metal plant holders, one can introduce as many succulents to add on the fresh scenes.
  3. Ceramic jewelry organizers: The decorative bird organizer for accessories is going to introduce playful scenes on the dressing table. This lively tray is here to get pastel appeal to the interiors with an absolutely thriving.
  4. Antique owl tea light holder: This set is sparkling in the classic mercury glass appeal. A glowing tea light holder set is for the ones who wouldn’t mind some bling there way. This is a special cut work mercury glass set with an antique touch for the interiors.
  5. Buntings in decorative prints: Handcrafted buntings are newly-ins, being liked by most of them out there. These buntings can be used for an easy Diwali décor so, make an ideal Diwali gift when you have less time to include in their celebration. Diwali is an occasion that needs special touch for the interiors and everyone wants to keep their décor unique. With special buntings that matches with fairy lights, homes can have a lovely appeal.

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