Treat Your Nails with These Nail Care and Beauty Products

Nail care shouldn’t be limited to just using a nail cutter for regular trimming or the nail file to smoothen roughened nail edges when it’s necessary. Likewise, nail beauty shouldn’t be limited to using nail polish on your own. There are products you can get from nail care stores such as Jealous Nail Supplies to make personal nail care and beauty a better experience.

Nail shellac

Shellac isn’t just for wood. It is also being used in the cosmetic industry for nail treatments. Shellac is even regarded as a nail colouring/beautifying product that lasts longer than standard nail polish. It is preferred by some because it appears to produce a more beautiful glossy finish. Nail shellac is formulated differently from wood shellac, though. It is usually a combination of regular polish and a special gel. Once applied on the nails, it requires exposure to UV light to achieve the best finish.

LED lamps for nail polish curing

As mentioned, nail shellac requires exposure to UV light for curing. There are certain nail care and beauty products that have to be exposed to UV light to properly quick dry and cure. For this, you need to invest in a good LED UV lamp. This LED lamp is a portable device (that may be battery or AC-powered) that can be conveniently used after a nail treatment session. It is used to speed up the drying and curing process of a nail product

Nail masks

It’s not only the face that can benefit from mask therapy. The nails can also use a therapy mask. There are nail masks offered by nail care stores that are designed to help the nails retain hydration and strength. These masks are usually filled with glycerin, panthenol, and other humectants. They may also contain shea butter and triglycerides.

Fortifying or strengthening creams

This is not exactly a nail care product category but you may find fortifying creams being marketed for nail care. These creams may be advertised as cuticle treatment products. They are used to hydrate, repair, and strengthen the nails. They are usually applied on the nails at night and allowed to stay till morning to let the nourishing ingredients seep into the nails.

Nail glow polish

You may be using a nail repair product but the effect is taking a long time and you can’t apply nail polish yet. You may be attending a special occasion and you want to make your nails look healthier than they actually are. For this purpose, you can use a nail glow product. This product can make your nails look healthy, glossy, and pinkish without the risks associated with standard nail polish.

Your nails could use some pampering. Consider the products featured above to make your nails look and feel better. They certainly deserve more than just the usual nail cutter treatment. Spending on products that strengthen your nails and make them more appealing doesn’t have to be a luxury.





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