One way to have fun and have the experiences of a lifetime is to travel. This helps us see other cultures and get a feel for them. But surely we don’t want to have all the fun. We want our family and friends to join in and have fun while it lasts.

Whether that’s through photos or videos, we’re proud to show them off. After planning for a long time, you settle into the mood of a true traveler. Since we can’t all have the time, opportunity or finances to travel, it’s left to you to walk them through clear-cut experiences. What’s more, you can make a newspaper print of them when you come back.

Cue the ways you can show and share your experiences…

Through a travel blog

There’s a whole lot you can gain from starting a travel blog. First off, you get to write your experiences down which gets stamped in your memory. The second and most important reason is that your family and friends get to read and view the awesome images and stories you have to share.

Thirdly, you can build up a steady stream of people who share a common interest with you. Or people who love the adventures you enjoy, but can only enjoy it vicariously. Fourth, it’s a great idea to document all the details of events, people and places. A fifth can create a newspaper print out of it.

Social Media

This is the most used means to let family and friends in on the fun. There are countless platforms too. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp stories, you can get your message out there. Create awesome stories with spectacular shots you’ve taken to leave your audiences with a ‘wow’ effect.

Of course, this might get them all the more jealous, but hey, they asked for it! All you have to do to share your experiences is to use the location-enabled feature on your app. For every shot you take or video you shoot, except those who follow you, get the notification. You can also go one better and allow the public to take part. Or save up all the collections on social media for one big newspaper print.

Photo Blogs

Unlike travel blogs, you don’t have to write when sharing photos. This way you save time as you move to the next point of interest. In fact, a photo succinctly taken and posted tells more stories than that with a caption. A photo leaves the audience with a lot to imagine and ponder about. They make for nice viewing in newspaper prints. You can have them eager for more by limiting the number of photos you post in a day. The picture you decide to post needn’t be the absolute best. It only has to express the feeling of the moment in time.

On the other hand, you can leave your audiences captivated with out of this world photos. Photos so breathtaking, they’d want to experience things for themselves.

Journals or diaries

Journals and diaries are very personal. But hey, there are sometimes when you don’t just feel up to it or the circumstances don’t allow you to take photos. So instead of just drifting by, you can find a nice location and chill.

There you can collect your thoughts in the notes as journals or diaries. In fact, many people prefer this method because you could make a newspaper print out of it. This allows your audience to get absorbed in the words you’ve written.

With photos or videos, things tend to be a little rushed. With journals, everything is detailed and informative. You’ve created a page turner your friends and family can’t simply put down.

To conclude, family and friends always support us when they encourage us to have fun and relax. In turn, we can show them there’s more to life than being serious all the time.

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