Wedges – The Alternative to Heels

A great pair of high heels can make any woman feel: confident, slender and beautiful. Yet most of the time heels mean suffering for fashion, usually uncomfortable and not to mention harmful for our feet. If you’re looking for a stylish and comfy alternative to stilettos however, you’re in luck! Wedges are a fairly recent shoe trend that looks set to stay; now you can add height, without the risk of toppling over.


Wedges are for all occasions

Wedge shoes are most popular for everyday wear, with a sturdier base than high heels they’re practical for when you’re rushing around at work, uni or in the school playground. With so many designs on the high-street, wedges are also a wonderful choice for special occasions. Pick a wedge height, platform width and shoe pattern/style that suits the mood. For evening wear, monochrome, metallic or patent wedges look very glamorous; whilst bright coloured wedges are a nice touch to a summer frock.

A brief history of the Wedge Shoe

Though wedges are only just enjoying a popularity boom, they were first designed in the 1930s. The first wedge was created as an orthopaedic shoe, whilst everyday wedge heels were launch in 1936. The heel was made from cork or a light wood, both popular options still today.

Wedges were particularly popular during WWII because they offered considerable height whilst still being easy enough to walk in; during this time wedges were usually around 5 inches tall. In the 1970s Wedges started to get a bit funkier and men even started to experiment with the wedged shoe. The 1990s saw the likes of the Spice Girls make platform shoes and wedge heels a fun choice for young women in particular.

It was in 2006 that wedges made their official return to the shoe-shop floor. Being released as a summer shoe that year, they’ve yet to leave our favourite fashion stores.

The different types of Wedges

Almost any form of shoe can now have a wedge heel. Here’s a look at some of the popular ladies wedge style shoes on the market today:


When you want a heeled shoe for summer holiday wear, wedged sandals are a nice alternative. Walking across the beach in a wedge shoe is easy, meaning you can forget your frumpy flip-flops and stick with a stylish wedge sandal. Wedge heel gladiator sandals are particularly popular.

Mary Janes

If you’re looking for an elegant yet sexy wedges shoe, try a Mary Jane. These dainty court-shoe style heels have a simple thin strap across the ankle, adding extra security. Wedged Mary Janes are as suitable for the office as they are for a night out.

Court Shoes

Another graceful wedge option is the court shoe, ideal for work or formal occasions these are simple court pumps with the addition of a sturdy wedge heel.

Ankle Boots

When you’re looking for a stylish heeled boot, wedge ankle boots are a comfortable yet attractive option which can add a lot of height whilst remaining easy to walk in. Plus, you don’t get that annoying clip-clopping noise as you go about your day!


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