What Every Pearl Owner Needs to Know About Pearl Restringing

Pearl jewelry is always in style, but if you’re new to this fashion element, you may be unsure just how to wear them so that you’re in style this season. While the popularity of pearls is widespread, determining the perfect pairing can take some time and practice. Luckily, pearl jewelry is sleek and ultimately timeless so there are plenty of gorgeous combinations to be made with just a few key pieces. Whether you choose a stunning pearl necklace or a striking pair of studs, there are plenty of ways to rock pearl jewelry with your wardrobe. Opt for one of these elegant pairings to create a look you’ll wear time and time again.


Nautical trends abound during spring and summer time, and these preppy pieces are ideal for rocking with all kinds of gorgeous pearl jewelry. Whether you’re off yachting, or are simply hanging by the pool on the weekend, pair pearl jewelry with everything from a striped crewneck T-shirt and denim, to a pretty white sundress and espadrilles for a fun look that’s primed for enjoying the season.


While trends are ever changing, retro-inspired looks are always in style. You can easily achieve a timeless look with a few key pieces, including chic pearl jewelry to kick things up a notch. To ease into the look, try a flowy midi-skirt and a vibrant button-up blouse, then add in a pearl necklace, heels and some large sunglasses for a look that is as fun as it is fabulous. A flirty wrap dress is another fab pairing for pearl pieces, whether a pair of earrings or a bold pearl necklace. Pair this cool combination with classic pumps and you’ve created a lovely look in no time.


Think minimalistic when pairing pearls with modern looks. For a fashion-forward ensemble that will earn you major style points, opt for skinny jeans, a chunky knit sweater and boots, then add in a pair of cool sunglasses and pearl studs into the mix. You can also pair edgy pieces, like leather trousers with glamorous ones like satin blouses, and use a long pearl necklace to tie the look together. For something a bit more traditional, just pair your pearls with a floral dress and pumps – a tried and true crowd-pleasing look.

Don’t limit your pearls to certain outfits. From denim, to knitwear and office wear, pearl jewelry will complement a wide range of pieces within your wardrobe. Use pearl pieces to revitalize those pieces in your wardrobe that haven’t been worn in ages. You’ll find that pearl necklaces, studs and bracelets can effortlessly elevate any look. In fact, a little experimentation will go a long way in finding that perfect outfit. Try different combinations to find one that speaks to you and your unique personal style.

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