What to Do on Long Weekends with Your Partner

You and your partner have been together for a while, but it feels like you hardly have any quality time together. After spending the whole day at work, you are both exhausted and only manage some conversation over dinner before falling asleep from exhaustion. Breakfast is almost the same, except you have to rush through it before heading to work. A kiss goodbye and you’re off to another tiring day at work. This goes on for a whole week and does not do much to strengthen your relationship.

If you want to enhance what you have, you need to find the time to spend with each other and bond. The weekend is the perfect time to enjoy your togetherness with no worries in the world. Here are a few ideas to get that quality time over the weekend, and reignite the flame.

Go on a weekend vacation

This is an idea to look forward to. Find a destination that you both would like to go to, away from the familiar surroundings. You can go for large country houses to rent for weekends and have the place all to yourselves. You can find some activities that you both enjoy, like hiking or camping. A nature trip can be romantic and being alone after a whole week of being surrounded by people is such a welcome treat.

The change of scenery can do wonders for your relationship, and you have memories that only the two of you share.

Spend your weekend in bed

Nothing can feel more luxurious than just lazing around in bed, cuddled up with your partner. Take a break for your meals, then get back into bed and relax or get intimate. If you feel like it, you can watch movies for the whole weekend. Have your movie snacks ready and enjoy whatever films you choose. Keep your phones off, and don’t allow any distractions into your bedroom. You can have your private conversations and talk about anything that doesn’t involve work. You will be surprised about the many things you can discover about each other that you never had a chance to talk about because of your busy schedules.

Go on a road trip

A fun way to spend your weekend with your partner is to go on a road trip. Explore new places together. You don’t need to travel very far. Do a little research and find places that you have never seen. You could ask friends and family for suggestions. Discover a world away from what you are used to. Scout for places to eat and experiment with new cuisine that you may enjoy. Do anything novel for both of you, so you learn something new together.

To make a relationship flourish, you must always have quality time together. Lack of communication can end something that started so good. Both you and your partner must make every effort to keep the fire burning and let the love grow even more as time goes by. Make your weekend your special time and maintain that bond you have with each other.


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