Fashion-Forward Plus Size Dresses That Are on Trend For 2018

Plus size trendsetters on social media are already starting to display their choices for the plus size dresses that are going to set trends in 2018. It looks like 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for plus sized fashion as more and more plus size women demand stylish fashion-forward dresses. Here are what experts are predicting will be the biggest trends for plus size dresses in 2018:


Bohemian Prints

Bohemia is back and you don’t have to have a waif-like figure to rock these bohemian looks. Feminine Bohemian prints on maxi dresses and rompers are going to be having a moment in fashion this spring and summer. If you love the Bohemian look but think that you have to be super slim to wear Bohemian looks, these fantastic Bohemian prints on skirts and dresses will change your mind (click for plus size dresses UK options).


Cutout Necklines

The cutout neckline trend for plus dresses and plus size tops is going to stick around in 2018. Cutout necklines, necklines with ties and chokers, and other updated neckline embellishments are fantastic for plus size women. By adding visual interest at the neck these looks provide balance and a great silhouette. You won’t need to worry about what necklace you should wear with these looks because the cutouts, ties, and chokers provide all the visual impact you need.


Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder dresses and tops are going to be very trendy in 2018. They were just starting to hit runways and social media in 2017 but they will be everywhere in 2018. Romantic flowing dresses with long sleeves and bare shoulders are flattering for full size figures and really show off your shoulders and neck. Off the shoulder styles look great on almost every body type. If you want to wear these off the shoulder looks but still look appropriate for work, pair an off the shoulder top with sophisticated flat front slacks or a pencil skirt.


Full Sleeves

Sleeves are back on trend so that you don’t need to worry about wearing a jacket or cardigan over your work dresses. The trend for sleeves in 2018 is romantic full bell sleeves which are very flattering. Full sleeves with a modern twist like cutouts or accents are very fashion forward. But if you’re not someone that wants to take big fashion risks you can style a dress or top with long bell sleeves with jeans or capris and still look on trend.


Bright Florals

Bold floral patterns are going to be very much in style for 2018. Expect to see red and black florals, blue and black florals, and bright pink and yellow florals. These fun prints are what the boldest plus size fashion girls are going to be wearing this spring and summer.

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